High Quality Diamonds

Miki & Jane takes pride in creating fine jewelry that uses high quality diamonds you can wear everyday. All of the diamonds that we use have an H-I color and SI1 clarity, which means you're getting the best quality for a fair price. Diamonds get graded for color with letters D (being colorless) through Z (having obvious color). Of course having less color in your diamond means that you get a clearer diamond with a prettier sparkle. Another grading that goes into diamonds is clarity. Diamond clarity is determined by how much inclusions and blemishes are apparent in the diamond. The less inclusions and blemishes that are visible, the more flawless your diamond will be. An SI1 clarity means that there are no inclusions or blemishes visible to the naked eye. The charts below show you the full range of diamond color and clarity.  

Diamond Colordiamond-color

Diamond Clarity