What is Spiritual Jewelry?

What is Spiritual Jewelry?

Spiritual jewelry is usually worn as a representation of one’s faith or to bring in good fortune and good vibes. Some spiritual jewelry can also be worn to ward off evil and protect yourself from bad energy. Gold spiritual jewelry has become very popular in the jewelry industry. Wearing gold spiritual jewelry is a trend that lets you wear a symbolic piece of jewelry, but also a design that is beautiful and can be worn as part of your everyday wardrobe. 

The most popular spiritual jewelry

There are different types of gold spiritual jewelry that exist. Although there are many spiritual symbols out there, the most popular type is the cross. Many people wear it as a representation of their faith, believed to protect themselves from evil and bring in peace to their everyday life. Gold cross jewelry has been worn by both religious and non-religious people. It’s a popular spiritual jewelry design that many love to wear and add to their everyday collection. 

Spiritual Necklaces

Different spiritual necklaces can represent different things. While crosses may be the most popular type of spiritual necklaces, there's also the hamsa, evil eye, star of david, etc. Miki & Jane has a beautiful selection of gold spiritual necklaces that have been listed below.

Paola Diamond Cross Pendantpaola-diamond-cross-pendant

Chelsea Sideways Cross Diamond Necklacechelsea-sideways-cross-diamond-pendant

Celine Sideways Double Cross Diamond Necklaceceline-sideways-double-cross-diamond-pendant

Preci Cross Diamond Pendantpreci-cross-diamond-pendant

Prejet Cross Diamond Pendantprejet-cross-diamond-pendant

Pompey Diamond Hamsa Pendant pompey-diamond-hamsa-pendant

Paha Evil Eye Diamond Pendantpaha-evil-eye-diamond-pendant

Perry Diamond Star of David Pendant  perry-diamond-star-of-david-pendant

Spiritual Bracelets

Spiritual bracelets are another popular type of gold spiritual jewelry that people love apart from the gold spiritual necklaces. Miki & Jane has some bangles, bolos, and anklets with spiritual designs that you can see below. 

Bruna Diamond Cross Bangle Braceletbruna-diamond-cross-bangle-bracelet


Brandi Open Diamond Cross Bangle Braceletbrandi-open-diamond-cross-bangle-bracelet


Brooke Diamond Cross Bolo Braceletbrooke-diamond-cross-bolo-bracelet 


Brynn Ankh Diamond Cross Bolo Braceletbrynn-ankh-diamond-cross-bolo-bracelet

Ari Diamond Cross & Heart Ankletari-diamond-heart-and-cross-anklet

Averie Diamond Circle & Hamsa Ankletaverie-diamond-circle-and-hamsa-anklet

Spiritual Rings

Spiritual rings aren’t as popular as spiritual necklaces and bracelets, but they are still trendy styles that are available on Miki & Jane. You can see the few designs that are available below. 

Chloe Sideways Cross Diamond Ringchloe-sideways-cross-ring

Rubyn Diamond Evil Eye Ringrubyn-diamond-evil-eye-ring

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