Trendy, Fun Pendants to Add to Your Everyday Collection

Trendy, Fun Pendants to Add to Your Everyday Collection

Pendants are a great way to show your personality through jewelry. There are endless shapes and designs that you can choose from. Some of the trendy, fun pendants that Miki and Jane has to offer are diamond cross pendants, diamond flower pendants, diamond gold star pendants, gold paperclip pendants, and more. These fun shapes are great pieces to wear as a statement piece on its own or even to layer with other 10k and 14k gold necklaces. Trendy, fun pendants are proof that jewelry doesn’t always have to be simple and classic, it can be part of your unique fashion style. 

Trying to decide which trendy pendants to get can be overwhelming when you have so many different styles to choose from. Miki and Jane makes shopping for trendy pendants easier for you with our different categorized collections. We have our zodiac, spiritual, flowers and clovers, paperclips, love, and fashion pendants. The Miki and Jane pendants come in 10K and 14K and are available in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold so you can choose the exact look that fits your personality. We’ve separated the different categories below for you to browse some of the styles in each category. Let us know which trendy, fun pendants fits into your everyday collection the most! 


 Leo-Zodiac-Diamond-Necklace Virgo-Zodiac-Diamond-Necklace


Paola-Diamond-Cross-Pendant Peme-Tree-of-Life-Diamond-Pendant

Flowers & Clovers

pauline-diamond-flower-pendant Paris-Diamond-Flower-Pendant


Pepita-Diamond-Paperclip-Pendant Pristine-Diamond-Paperclip-Pendant

Love Connection

Pippa-Love-Knot-Pendant Poe-Diamond-Heart-Pendant


Tebi-Tag-Pendant Perla-Diamond-Moon-Crescent-Pendant

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