Traveling with Jewelry? Here’s How to Pack Pieces that Work from Day to Night

Traveling with Jewelry? Here’s How to Pack Pieces that Work from Day to Night

Whether you're jetting off for a weekend getaway or taking an extended vacation abroad, packing jewelry can be a challenge. You can't take all your jewelry with you when you're on a trip, so you need versatile pieces that can do double (or triple) duty. The key is selecting pieces that layer well together and pair with multiple outfits in your suitcase. 

In this article, we'll share clever tips for traveling with jewelry that takes you from sightseeing to soirées. You'll learn how to build a jewelry travel set that covers all your needs and complements your personal style. With the right strategy, you can show off chic, customized looks wherever your travels may take you. Read on for advice to help you pack jewelry that works for any outfit while you’re on the road. 

Map Out Your Itinerary

Before you start packing, map out your trip itinerary. Make a list of all the activities, excursions, and day and evening events you have scheduled. Museum tours, sightseeing, happy hours, dinners, weddings, and hiking will all require different outfits, and therefore different accessories too. Once you’ve got a good idea of which types of outfits you want to pack, then you can start thinking about how to accessorize accordingly. This will help you determine when you'll need casual, everyday jewelry versus cocktail-appropriate or even formal accessories. 

Focus on a Jewelry Capsule

Once you have an idea of the types of different dress codes you’ll be packing for, it’s time to select a few core pieces that will work for multiple occasions. Resist the urge to overpack jewelry; instead, focus on curating a tight jewelry capsule for your trip. A jewelry capsule is a small, dedicated collection of jewelry pieces that you can mix and match into several different combinations. 

Aim for versatile pieces in your core color palette that can all work well together. It’s a good idea to start with one or two necklaces, one or two pairs of earrings, one or bracelets, and two to three stackable rings. This capsule approach prevents overpacking and gives your jewelry some great day-to-night potential. Here are some jewelry capsule pieces we recommend:


A pair of sophisticated hoops, like the Elise Diamond Dot Hoops, can transition well from day to night. For a smaller option, the Ember Curved T Diamond Huggie Earrings make just enough of a sparkly statement to dress up a tshirt, and make an equally great addition to a cocktail dress. 


Find a simple chain that you can layer with any pendant necklace for a daytime look, like the Paperclip Chain Necklace, and pack a simple but elegant pendant necklace like the Pascha Diamond Round Pendant to wear on its own for a fancier evening out.


Just like layering necklaces, stacking bracelets can tone down a more formal look. Wear the Tara Diamond Tennis Bracelet on its own for an elegant evening look, and pair it with the more laidback Bea Diamond Bolo Bracelet for a layered, everyday bling vibe. 


Pack a few staple rings that work both together and separately. A simple yet sparkly band like the Roman Linear Diamond Ring is a perfect addition to any dressed up outfit, and the Open Heart Diamond Shape Ring is a casual way to add some fun detail to a basic outfit. 

Taking Your Look from Day to Night

Once you have your jewelry capsule figured out, you’ll want to consider how to wear each piece with different outfits. Here are a few of our favorite ways to transition your jewelry from one occasion to another:

  • Choose a reversible pendant necklace that has different looks on each side. Wear the simpler side for daytime sightseeing, then flip to the glitzier side for evening.
  • For a daytime look, wear your basic studs, rings, and delicate bracelet. At night, dress up the entire look by simply adding a chunky statement necklace — this will create an interesting layering effect and make a dramatic change with just one piece of jewelry. 
  • During the day, wear a perfect pair of basic hoop earrings with your hair down and a t-shirt for a casual look. For a more formal evening look, twist your hair into an elegant updo to make the hoops the center of attention and finish the look with a dress or skirt. 
  • Stack multiple bangle bracelets together for a casual daytime feel. At night, choose just one that makes a statement and wear it individually as a cocktail bracelet.

Proper Storage

Prevent tangling and damage by using the right storage solutions while packing your jewelry. Using a jewelry pouch or travel jewelry case is a really helpful way to ensure that your pieces are organized, safe, and untangled. Find one with several compartments dedicated to different types of jewelry, like velvet cushions for stud earrings and loops to secure bracelets. 

One of the best ways to pack your jewelry is to roll pieces in cloth or tissue. Be sure to wrap chains, dangling earrings, and other delicate pieces individually to prevent tangling and scratching. You might want to wrap pairs of earrings together in sets so you don’t have to worry about locating a single earring’s mate while you’re running out the door. Another clever way to avoid necklace tangling is to thread chains through plastic straws. 

Pack your most valuable jewelry pieces in a designated solid, hard-sided case. Pad the inside tightly with cloth or other soft materials to prevent any jostling. It helps to place your jewelry case in the center of your luggage, surrounded by clothing on all sides to act as a cushion. Avoid packing your jewelry near liquids, which could cause damage if they leak or spill, and never pack your jewelry loose in a suitcase where it can get bumped or dented easily.

With a little forethought and strategic packing, you can assemble a jewelry capsule that takes you stylishly from day one to the last hurrah of any getaway. Traveling with jewelry doesn’t have to be complicated — it can be easy and fun. Follow these tips to choose versatile, travel-friendly accessories suited for everything from museum-hopping to fancy dinners abroad. Browse our collection for some more inspiration!
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