The Perfect Bracelet Stack: Creating Your #ArmCandy

The Perfect Bracelet Stack: Creating Your #ArmCandy

Stacking different bracelets to create your perfect bracelet stack has become a trend that we know you love. The bracelet stack is a great way to accessorize because you'll know that no one else has the bracelet stack that you custom create for yourself. This trend is a great way to really let your personality shine literally and figuratively! 

While you can stick to one type of bracelet, we recommend mixing and matching the different types for a more fun and visually appealing look. Luckily for you, Miki and Jane has a variety of bracelets for you to mix and match with - we have the bangles, bolos, and diamond tennis that can be stacked together for your personalized arm candy. We've listed below the three bracelet categories for you to get a better idea of what you can stack together. 

  • Bangles

Bangle Bracelets Bae Butterfly Bangle

  • Bolos

Bea Bolo Bracelet Briana Bolo Bracelet

  • Diamond Tennis

  Tina Diamond Bracelet Tamar Diamond Bracelet

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