Should I Shop for Made to Order or Readymade Jewelry?

Should I Shop for Made to Order or Readymade Jewelry?

When you’re shopping for new jewelry, there are all kinds of choices to consider. Gold or silver? Dainty or bold? Studs or hoops? Another important choice you’ll make: whether to select made to order jewelry or readymade jewelry. Essentially, you’re deciding between jewelry that’s custom made when you order it and jewelry that’s already in stock. Read on to learn about the pros and cons of readymade and made to order jewelry so you can make the best choice for you. 

What’s the Difference Between Made to Order and Readymade Jewelry?

With made to order jewelry, a brand will offer a specific design for sale even though it hasn’t actually been created yet; it’s manufactured only after you’ve made the purchase. Readymade jewelry is already fully manufactured and waiting on a shelf, whether that’s in a store where you can try it on or as inventory in a warehouse ready to ship out after you shop online. The main difference between made to order and readymade jewelry is simply when the item is manufactured. In addition to impacting the shopping experience, your decision between the two can impact factors like specific design elements, available jewelry options, and when you can expect to receive your order and start wearing your jewelry. 

About Made to Order Jewelry

Because made to order jewelry pieces aren't manufactured yet, brands can offer customers more opportunities to personalize their jewelry. This means more ways to match your style and express yourself. Here are some of the pros and cons of shopping for made to order jewelry:

Advantages of Made to Order Jewelry

Made to order styles typically offer a variety of metal types and colors to choose from. You will have the opportunity to select a few key details that really change the look of the piece of jewelry: the metal it's made of or the chain length size, for example. Pick and choose the combinations that you like best for a distinctive and expressive piece of jewelry.

Disadvantages of Made to Order Jewelry

Miki & Jane’s made to order jewelry takes 7-10 business days to be made based on your specifications, and then you should count on an additional few days for shipping. This can mean a longer wait than if you pop into a shop or place an online order that can be shipped right away. If you’re hoping to receive your jewelry by a specific date (like a birthday, graduation, or proposal), we recommend ordering in advance and choosing expedited shipping. Made to order jewelry is worth the wait, but be sure to plan ahead.

Examples of Made to Order Jewelry

Most of the jewelry in our collection is made to order; you’ll be able to choose your favorite metal type or color so the piece is exactly what you want. Here are just a few of our most popular made to order jewelry pieces:

  • Custom nameplate necklace: Your name is one of the most personal things about you; it’s part of your identity. Now that custom nameplate necklaces are back in full force (and decorating the necks of celebrities like Beyonce, Halsey, and JLo), you might join in on the fun with your own uniquely-you piece.  
  • Initial earrings or pendants: Not only can you choose which letter you’d like to wear, but you can also choose which type of metal you prefer. Spell out your name with multiple initial pendants to rock the layered necklace trend, or choose different lettered earrings to spell or signify something meaningful to you in an earscape
  • Zodiac necklaces: If you’re into astrology, there’s no better way to express your sign than wearing it as a necklace. Find your sign and pick your favorite metal, or give a horoscope-loving friend a necklace with their sign to wear with pride. 

About Readymade Jewelry

Readymade jewelry is fully fabricated, ready in stock, and available for you to purchase. A jewelry brand will already have these items in inventory, whether on site at a brick-and-mortar store or packed and prepped to send to customers as soon as they order. You don't have as many customization options, but your jewelry is ready to go as soon as you select it. Here are some of the pros and cons to readymade jewelry:

Advantages of Readymade Jewelry

Miki & Jane’s readymade jewelry takes two business days to ship out after you place your order. Since readymade jewelry comes as-is, you can read reviews from other customers to see their experience with the jewelry before you buy it. Look at photos on Instagram to see how customers like you have styled the pieces you have your eye on; it’ll give you a feel for whether the jewelry is really what you’re looking for. 

Disadvantages of Readymade Jewelry

Readymade styles don’t usually offer personalization options the way made to order jewelry does. However, readymade designs often come in multiple colors or metals so you can personalize your piece by selecting the style you like in silver instead of gold, for example. And customization is always an option after the fact with engraving services, gold-plating, or gemstone replacement

Examples of Readymade Jewelry

When you shop through the “Ready to Ship” collection on our site, you can expect to see your favorite pieces on your doorstep soon. These types of necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets are tried and true favorites. They’re classic, simple, and versatile accessories that are made to work well with for any occasion, so they can easily become a part of your jewelry collection. Here are some of our readymade Miki & Jane favorites:

  • Birthstone earrings: Readymade jewelry can still be personal. Birthstone earrings are a great way to give a personal gift or wear a piece of jewelry that you identify with, like the emerald flower diamond accent earrings for May, amethyst heart dangle earrings for February, or gold opal studs for October. 
  • Mia diamond heart ring: Whether you prefer to stack your rings or to keep it simple with just a band or two, a diamond heart ring is a great everyday piece. It’s also a safe bet for a gift; express your love with a classic style that’s sure to fit in with any jewelry collection.  
  • Luna sunburst diamond pendant: A minimalist, geometric necklace is a staple for any jewelry capsule. You can layer this necklace with other beautiful strands or make its diamond studded sunburst the center of attention.

Now you know the differences between readymade and made to order jewelry! You’ll have a slightly different experience depending on which kind of jewelry you’re shopping for, but in the end there are tons of ways to keep your choices customized and personal to you. When you’re ready to get started, browse Miki & Jane’s ready to ship collection or have fun customizing your own made to order jewelry.

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