Need Bridal Party Jewelry Gifts? We’ve Got You Covered

Need Bridal Party Jewelry Gifts? We’ve Got You Covered

Your bridal party is such an important part of your wedding day. This group has supported you and will stand by your side as you make your vows; how can you let them know how much they mean to you? Jewelry is a lovely gift option because it’s sentimental, and they can wear it both on your special day and for years to come. The key is to find the right pieces that work with your bridal party’s wedding day outfits. In this article, we’ll give you plenty of ideas for jewelry gifts that your bridal party will love.  


Simple, classic earrings make a great bridal party gift because they work with any wedding outfit; they won’t interfere with any neckline or sleeves like a necklace or bracelet might, and they work with hair pinned up or hanging down. Not to mention, your bridal party can wear earrings long after your special day and think of you each time they put them on. Show how much you appreciate them with a different pair of earrings for each person according to their unique style, or choose one matching pair to unite the group. Here are some of our most versatile favorites:


To complement the gorgeous bouquets they’ll carry, get your bridal party some equally gorgeous bracelets. They’ll make perfect accents to their ensembles and provide just enough shine without overpowering their looks. Choose slender bracelets; going for a simpler style will keep the focus on their outfits (and flowers). Here are some of our top recommendations for lovely and elegant bracelets for your bridal party:  


A pendant necklace can tie together a look like the centerpiece of an outfit. Gift your bridal party necklaces that are simple enough to wear often, yet detailed enough to make a unifying statement when they stand beside you. For example, zodiac or initial pendants can be personalized, yet they easily become an everyday staple that works with every outfit post-event. Be sure that any necklace you choose will complement the neckline of your bridal party’s tops or dresses; choose the right length to remain visible with a one-shoulder dress or a halter top, for example. Here are some of our top picks for bridal party pendant necklaces: 


For a beach wedding or a casual summer wedding, an anklet is a cute, seasonal bridal party gift. Whether your best friends are walking down the sandy aisle barefoot or wearing midi dresses that highlight their cute shoes, an anklet is a subtle but fun way to tie your bridal party’s looks together. A classic gold or silver chain with a simple charm will go with virtually everything; too much color might distract from their carefully chosen outfits. Just be sure that their shoes will work with an anklet; espadrille wedges with ankle straps might interfere with a chain anklet, for example. Here are some delicate anklet recommendations: 


For the suit-wearing people in your bridal party, cufflinks are a timeless, classic gift. Cufflinks can add just the right amount of personality and style to a bridal party outfit, especially if the pair you choose has a little sparkle. Our favorite option are Diamond Cufflinks, set in sterling silver with a sleek row of stunning diamonds. Not only can your friends wear these cufflinks on your wedding day to complement their classy suit or button down, but they’re a great accessory for any formal occasion they attend — it’s always good to have a solid, versatile pair. 

Focusing on your bridal party’s outfits can help you find the best jewelry gifts for them. Browse our collection to find the perfect pieces for your favorite people!
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