How to Layer Necklaces: Accessorizing the Right Way

How to Layer Necklaces: Accessorizing the Right Way
Layering different necklaces is a popular trend that adds character to your outfit and can really complete your look, but we understand that it can be a bit tricky when you’re new to accessorizing and the jewelry world. It’s important to first find the right pieces that go with your overall look and aesthetic. Once you’ve figured out which pieces work best for you, you can start playing around with mixing and matching your jewelry.

Everyone has their own way of layering, but when it comes to it, sticking to one type of color is best in order to keep it cohesive; although you CAN mix and match colors (we won’t judge you). Our Miki and Jane gold jewelry comes in the options white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold, so if you’re looking for something that works well with your skin tone you’re definitely going to find something from our collection. Now that we’ve covered the bases, here are some quick tips to follow when layering your necklaces.

1. Choose a focal point as your base

Having a statement piece that draws your attention is a great foundation to layering and is a great way to start. Your focal point can be anything from a diamond necklace/pendant, zodiac jewelry, paperclip pendant, gold cross pendant, diamond cross pendant, etc. which is all available on our website. Browse all the Miki and Jane necklaces and don’t be afraid to experiment with different shaped pendants!

diamond cross pendant - gold cross pendant round diamond pendant  paperclip pendant

2. Make sure your necklaces are different lengths

When layering your necklaces it’s important to have them sit at different lengths, so that you can see each one. Different length necklaces and pendants that are layered together are also just more aesthetically pleasing. 

 butterfly pendants gold diamond pendants/necklacesgold pendants/necklaces

3. Mix and match different sizes

Having a variation of sizes to layer with makes your layered necklaces look more aesthetically pleasing. Layering with different sizes is a great way to elevate your look. Not only can you layer different sizes and designs, but Miki and Jane gives you the option to layer with pendants that are the same design but different sizes (check out the Prystyn Pendant and Prystn Petite Pendant).

Interlocking Rings Necklace

4. Stick to 2-4 necklaces, but 3 is the perfect number

If you’re just beginning to layer necklaces, two pieces is a great way to start, but once you’ve gotten more comfortable with this trend feel free to keep adding more to your look. The go-to number for layering is 3 necklaces, but do what works for you and fits your style best! 

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