How to Build the Perfect Ring Stack

How to Build the Perfect Ring Stack

Building the perfect ring stack is easy when you have the right rings to stack. Miki and Jane has a great selection of trendy rings that can be mixed and matched for a beautiful ring stack. Here is a simple step by step guide to building your perfect ring stack.

Step 1: Know your ring size

It’s important to know your ring size for each finger before building your perfect ring stack. You’re not going to have the same ring size for all your fingers, so having this information before you get excited and start building is essential. Don’t worry about searching for a ring size guide because we have one HERE that’s simple to follow.


Step 2: Find one or two statement pieces

It’s great to have a statement piece or two in your ring stack that can be the focal point of your ring accessorizing. Your statement rings can have the thicker bands or just unique designs that stand out among other rings. Miki and Jane has some rings that make great statement pieces for the perfect ring stack.


Step 3: Add some dainty rings to your stack

This is the key to creating the perfect ring stack. Dainty rings that have the thinner bands are the perfect ring designs to stack on your fingers. These dainty rings fit in perfectly with statement rings and can also work on their own if you have enough to build the perfect stack. You can stack the dainty ring with a statement ring on the same finger or stack two dainty rings either on top of each other or have them further apart. All of Miki and Jane’s dainty trendy rings are just what you need for your perfect ring stack. You can shop the rings HERE


Step 4: Have fun and mix & match

It's best to have a variety of shapes and designs so that your stack doesn't look boring and repetitive. 


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