Getting Started With Men's Jewelry

Getting Started With Men's Jewelry

Men's jewelry has become such a popular category, where so many different designs and options have become available. Trendy fine jewelry is so much more accessible to find for men to shop and wear. If you're just getting started wearing men's jewelry, then it's important to follow the steps below. 

Finding the right metal and color that fit your style

Jewelry can be made out of different metals and colors. Trying the different metals and colors on is a great way to see what works best for your style and skin tone. Miki & Jane offers sterling silver, vermeil, 10K yellow gold, 10K white gold, and 10K rose gold. While one type of colored jewelry might look better on you than the other, some people like to mix and match metals and colors. These days it’s completely okay to wear multiple metals and colors as long as the pieces look good worn altogether. 

Which category should you start with?

There are four main categories that you can browse through for men's jewelry, which are pendants/necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. The best category to start with would be pendants and necklaces since you don’t need to know your size and it’s jewelry that everyone can wear. A basic chain is a great first piece of jewelry if you want something more simple to start your collection with. If you’re feeling a little more bold, then a pendant can also be a great first piece of men’s jewelry. We recommend one of the two dog tag pendants that Miki & Jane offers in sterling silver and vermeil. One of the dog tag pendants has real black diamonds, while the other is a camouflage design with different real genuine gemstones. They’re both great basic pieces that you can wear with a lot of different outfits. 

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