What Are Bolo Bracelets?

What Are Bolo Bracelets?

Bolo bracelets are easily adjustable bracelets with a clasp that can be moved up and down. It’s an easy way to adjust your bracelet so that it stays securely on your wrist. You have the option of wearing the bolo bracelet tightly or a bit loose based on your preference in look and style. Bolo bracelets can be dainty and a great piece to have as part of your everyday collection. There are different styles and designs of bolo bracelets that Miki & Jane offers.  


Trendy Bolo Bracelets

One of the more trendy bolo bracelets that Miki & Jane has is the clover bolo bracelet that comes in 10K and 14K yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. It’s a trendy piece that you can wear everyday on its own or stacked with other trendy bracelets.

Briana Clover Bolo Bracelet - $345 



Cross Bolo Bracelets

Spiritual jewelry has become very popular in the past years. One of the more popular spiritual styles or symbols is the cross. Cross bolo bracelets are a customer favorite with Miki & Jane.

Brynn Ankh Diamond Cross Bolo Bracelet - $150 


Brooke Diamond Cross Bolo Bracelet - $195


Diamond Bolo Bracelets

A more classic bolo bracelet style is the diamond bolo bracelet. A timeless design that you won’t want to take off. The dainty bolo bracelet design combined with real diamonds not only makes a great addition to your everyday collection, but also makes a great gift.

Brigid Diamond Bolo Bracelet - $200 


Bea Diamond Bolo Bracelet - $630


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