Are You Team Classic or Fashion?

Are You Team Classic or Fashion?

Jewelry is a great way to accessorize and make your outfit look and feel complete. There are different styles of jewelry to wear whether your outfit is casual or dressy. Either way, accessorizing with jewelry can be done with any look. Some people like to accessorize with every outfit, while others only accessorize on a night out or when dressing up. There are different jewelry designs and styles that fit into the look that you are trying to accessorize. Classic jewelry usually fits into a more sophisticated look, while fashion jewelry is great for your everyday look. Although classic and fashion jewelry are completely different styles, it does not mean that you can’t wear classic jewelry for everyday wear and fashion jewelry for a dressy outfit. Miki and Jane evokes both styles as it is a reflection of the Miki and Jane love story. Miki started off in the jewelry industry creating classic pieces, then his wife Jane came into the picture and inspired him to create more fashion-forward pieces. Whether you’re team classic or fashion, Miki and Jane has something for everyone. We’ve rounded up some of our classic and fashion pieces below. Let us know if you’re team Miki (classic) or team Jane (fashion). 


Timeless jewelry that can be worn with your everyday looks or with your more dressy outfits. Classic jewelry never goes out of style. 

 huggie-hoop-earrings classic-diamod-band 


Trendy jewelry that can also be worn with your everyday looks, adding character to your outfit. Fashion jewelry is more fun with its unique designs that stand out.  


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