An Easy Way to Accessorize: Trendy Matching Jewelry

An Easy Way to Accessorize: Trendy Matching Jewelry

When you’re getting ready in the morning or even for a night out, trying to choose your jewelry to wear together can take longer than you might want it to. When you’re choosing different jewelry pieces to wear together, it’s best to stay cohesive and make sure that all the jewelry fall into the same style. You don’t want to wear a timeless piece of jewelry with super trendy and fun jewelry pieces. For example, our paperclip jewelry may not be the best to wear with our classic diamond rings. Choosing the jewelry you wear together can be easy when you already have styles that match and go together. Miki and Jane has a whole collection of matching jewelry with different designs all available in 10k and 14k. As a made to order jewelry brand, Miki and Jane also lets you choose the color that you want. Most of the 10k and 14k jewelry are available in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. We've listed a few of the matching jewelry styles that we have available. Let us know which matching pieces you would wear!



Eva-Flower-Studs Pauline-Diamond-Flower-Pendant


 Eti-Open-Clover-Stud Pippin-Clover-Pendant Briana-Clover-Bolo-Bracelet



 Phoenix-Compass-Diamond-Earring Phoenix-Compass-Diamond-Pendant


 Erta-Paperclip-Diamond-Stud Pepita-Diamond-Paperclip-Pendant


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