A Guide to the Best Fashion Rings

A Guide to the Best Fashion Rings

Rings are a great way to add some sparkle and shine to your look. Fashion rings have become more and more popular as a staple accessory. Accessorizing with fashion rings is now part of people’s routine when putting a look together. Figuring out which rings to wear with an outfit can be easy when you already have your go-to pieces that look good with almost any of your looks. This is why it’s important to choose fashion rings that match your style. Miki and Jane has a lot of great fashion rings that you can wear on a daily basis. Feel free to follow our guide for the best fashion rings. 

They’re real gold and can be worn all day

Fashion rings are jewelry pieces that you’re going to want to wear all day. They complete your look and can make you feel a bit more glamorous whether you’re wearing a casual look or dressier outfit. Getting fashion rings that are real gold will allow you to wear them all day without worrying about getting them easily tarnished. Miki and Jane takes pride in its quality and craftsmanship, so we offer 10K and 14K gold fashion rings. We do recommend our 14K gold rings as they have a higher gold percentage, which means better quality for everyday wear. You can read more about the different karat grades in this helpful article here

They come in different colors for you to choose from

The best fashion rings come in the three jewelry colors for you to choose from - yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Every person has a color that looks best on their skin tone, so offering different colors is only right. Once you know which color looks best on you, you can start building your fashion ring collection. 

There are diamonds on the fashion ring

Although a basic solid gold fashion ring can be a great piece to wear everyday, having a bit of sparkle in your jewelry is always a good idea. The best fashion rings have some diamonds on them, giving you that extra pizazz to your everyday look. Miki and Jane’s fashion rings all have a bit of diamonds, so you’re only getting the best fashion rings to add to your collection.

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