9 Statement Jewelry Pieces to Instantly Elevate Any Outfit

9 Statement Jewelry Pieces to Instantly Elevate Any Outfit

When you can’t figure out how to elevate your outfit, the answer might be easier than you think: add a piece of statement jewelry. Jewelry has the power to instantly transform an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. From glittering diamonds to personalized pendants, statement jewelry adds that extra special touch to your look and makes you feel confident and stylish. In this article, we'll showcase nine statement jewelry pieces to add some pizzazz to your look without too much effort:

#1: Nameplate Necklace

To give your look a bit more excitement, get personal with a custom nameplate necklace. Choose your name, initials, or a meaningful phrase and wear it close to your heart. This classic piece is perfect to add texture when layered with other necklaces, but it also works as a solo statement in a sleek, minimalist look. (And if Beyonce has one, we want one, too.)


#2: Signature Pendant Necklace

A pendant necklace doesn’t just tie together your look, it can also be the centerpiece to your whole outfit. And even better — it’s a chance to connect your values and your style. Choose a symbol or shape that represents your beliefs, your personality, or your sense of humor, and wear it with pride. This kind of piece is perfect for adding a pop to any outfit, whether you go for an abstract knotted design, zodiac sign, a crescent moon, or a spiritual symbol. And why stop at just one? Pendant necklaces are even more fun piled on top of each other.

#3: Station Necklace

The ultimate, elegant statement necklace is a diamond station necklace. A diamond station necklace is a chain that spans your collarbone with sparkles, drop diamonds, or pendants, and it’s an easy way to turn a plain outfit into a show-stopping one. Wear a station necklace with an open-shoulder dress or top for an elegant Gatsby-era vibe. 

#4: Patterned Diamond Ring

When your hands are looking empty and need a little something extra, create some intrigue with a patterned diamond ring. Instead of your classic diamond band, a patterned ring gives a little more visual interest and appeal to your outfit; choose diamond and gold checkers, criss-cross bands, an arch design, or a star-studded dome shape. Even one funky ring can add the visual interest you need to elevate an outfit. 


#5: Signet Ring

Signet rings feature a flat, engraved surface that can be personalized with your initials, a family crest, or colorful enamel design. They’ve been around for centuries; people traditionally used them as stamps to seal wax envelopes like a personal signature. Nobles also wore signet rings throughout history to signify their title or royal status. Hot tip: wear your signet ring on your pinky à la Pippa Middleton for a chic look.

#6: Open Shape Ring

If you’re looking for something a little bolder, an open shape ring is a fun, geometric, yet minimalist way to add some whimsy to your outfit. The ring features just the silhouette of a shape so you get the dynamic design without the chunky look of a big ring. Choose a design that features an interesting shape, like a heart or teardrop, or opt for a little gemstone-studded action for extra sparkle.

#7: Gemstone Drop Earrings

Gemstone drop earrings are versatile and elegant; wear them with formal attire to a wedding or gala, or make them the finishing touch to your business casual sweater and jeans ensemble. Even just a little bit of shine can go a long way in jazzing up your outfit. Choose a pair that features your birthstone or a colorful gemstone that you love, like these blue topaz oval earrings or these pear peridot earrings. 


#8: Signature Studs

When you’re not sure how to complete your look, a pair of signature studs will always do the trick. Studs are a great statement piece because they pack a punch; they’re small, but they can say a whole lot. Pick a pair that screams your personality; there’s no limit to the kinds you can find today, like these compass earrings, Mary Jane diamond leaf studs, or diamond cross studs.

#9: Bolo Bracelet

Bolo bracelets are a simple but effective way to complete an outfit. They feature a sliding mechanism that allows you to adjust the fit to your wrist, making them easy to wear and take on and off. If you're looking for a versatile and stylish piece of jewelry that can take your look from day to night, a bolo bracelet is a must-have; layer it with others, find one bedazzled with diamonds, or get one with a unique pendant

Which piece will you choose to elevate your outfit? The good news is you can’t go wrong. Browse our collection to find your next statement jewelry piece!

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