7 Steps to Creating Your Dream Capsule Jewelry Collection

7 Steps to Creating Your Dream Capsule Jewelry Collection

If you’ve ever had a hard time packing for a trip or felt overwhelmed by options when getting ready in the morning, the solution might be simpler than you think. Building a capsule jewelry collection can help you invest in jewelry that you love, that suits your personality, and that you can wear with almost any outfit. But how do you build your collection? We thought you’d never ask. Let’s take a look at seven steps you can take to assemble your dream capsule jewelry collection:

#1: Define Your Personal Style

Understanding your own personal style is a critical first step, because it will help you narrow down your choices. Take a look at your favorite jewelry. Do you tend to opt for monochromatic, minimalist looks, or are you into eclectic, funky, statement pieces? And out of all your jewelry, which pieces do you find yourself wearing most frequently? Sometimes the vision we have for a look doesn’t end up being very practical. Be sure to find the style that works for your day-to-day life, but most importantly, find a style that makes you feel confident and self-expressed.

#2: Set a Budget

It’s a smart, pragmatic idea to set a budget for yourself before you embark on a shopping excursion. Jewelry costs can add up, and you might get overwhelmed by options if you don’t take the time to figure out which price points work best for you and how much you want to spend overall. Be realistic, and take the time to give yourself a spending limit (or at least a ballpark range to aim for) before you begin shopping.

#3: Consider Your Wardrobe and Current Accessory Collection

Carefully take stock of your wardrobe and accessories. Notice the items you love to wear and find yourself wearing often; these pieces, whether clothing, accessories, or jewelry, can inform your future purchase decisions. Build around your favorite items; either use them as inspiration for new, durable, daily pieces, or use them as the starting point for your capsule collection. You’ll be more likely to wear your future jewelry pieces if you know what other pieces they’ll complement well. Considering your current wardrobe and accessories can inspire your search and help you to find what your collection is missing. 

#4: Look for Versatility 

The key to a capsule jewelry collection is creating a base set of pieces that work for all kinds of occasions. Now, not all jewelry will fit each situation or outfit; you will probably wear very different jewelry to a wedding than you would to a beach vacation or to the office. But on the whole, try to come up with the kinds of jewelry you can (and will) wear in your day to day life. For example, if you spend the majority of your day in the pottery studio, you might want to steer clear of investing in rings or bracelets that could get mucked up with clay — a staple pair of earrings or pendant necklace might be your go-to choice instead.

In addition, you’ll want to find pieces that you can pair with other items that you already own. Being able to build several looks from only a few pieces of jewelry is the goal!

#5: Consider Metal Type

Whether you’re into silver, gold, or mixing and matching, considering which type of metals you want to wear is important. Here are a few factors to consider:

Choose your hue

You never have to choose between different hues; you can mix your metals any time. But if you prefer a matching look across everything you’re wearing, then you should focus on pieces that are made from the type of metal that speaks to you most.

Decide between solid metal and metal-plated 

No matter what metal you like, make sure you choose quality over quantity. Metal quality will determine how long your pieces last and how you’ll be able to clean them at home. Plated jewelry tends to wear away quicker than solid, precious metals, and it also requires a different cleaning process. Similarly, metal type will affect the cost of your pieces; pure gold will cost more than metal-plated pieces, but they’ll last longer. 

Be mindful of metal allergies

If you notice that your skin feels itchy, swollen, or sore after wearing a piece of jewelry, you could have a sensitivity to a certain type of metal. Be sure to get tested at your doctor or an allergist to confirm which metals you should stay away from; many people are allergic to copper, brass, and nickel.

#6: Focus on Quality 

Even if your budget is tight, you don’t have to choose between affordable jewelry and high quality jewelry. For jewelry that you wear every day, you want to feel confident that these pieces can hold up for the long run. Be sure to invest in pieces that will stand the test of time instead of cheaper, poorly made options. After all, buying lower quality jewelry might mean spending more on repairs and maintenance in the long run. Some affordable jewelry alternatives include lab-grown diamonds instead of natural diamonds, and recycled metals instead of new, pure metals (bonus: these are sustainable and environmentally friendly purchases, too). 

#7: Take Your Time and Conduct Thorough Research

While building a capsule jewelry collection takes patience, it’s worth it to spend the time conducting research and finding the exact right pieces for you. There’s no rush when it comes to creating your dream capsule. Conduct thorough research and check out several different brands, artists, and retailers to make sure you’re finding the styles, materials, and values that matter to you. Take it slow and enjoy the process!

Which pieces will you add to your jewelry capsule collection? Browse our collection for some inspiration! We can’t wait to see how you wear your new pieces day in and day out.
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